Double Dimension® · Excellence Coaching

Are you looking to optimise your current professional situation? Do you want to secure your current position or take the next career step? Are you wondering whether future challenges are pitched to high or low?

Maybe you just want to personally improve yourself in targeted areas and develop towards a certain goal?

Whatever you want to achieve, we offer combined professional and personality coaching that will get you where you want to be in life. Your key to success is the positive relationship with our coach.

Coaching benefits through video telephony

Coaching sessions are conducted either face-to-face or via video telephony. Video telephony offers clear advantages - you save on time and are coached at home or at work in familiar surroundings. Last but not least, there’s no tiresome travel involved. Thanks to video telephony, your coaching session takes place right when your problem needs addressing - with maximum effect.

Double Dimension® is a coaching concept that gives you the chance to address your current focus areas in combination with other dimensions, referred to as “life milestones”. The aim is to achieve lasting improvements in the areas that you have defined.